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About le pirol

Morten Underbjerg is originally from Aalborg, Denmark and has more than 10 years of experience as a designer for fashion houses both at home and abroad. He is a graduate with an MA from the Royal College of Art in London.

"After many years of experience in the fashion industry, we made the decision that now things had to be done completely differently and with a clear conscience," he says.

The first collection from Le Pirol saw the light of day in August 2018 and consists of a few styles, all of which are created based on the brand's three basic principles: Local production, organic wool and timeless design. The material is eco-certified merino wool and cotton from Italy, which is designed and produced in Denmark.

“I am really happy and proud that we can produce our knitwear at home. We are a leader in sustainable and locally produced knitwear, and our clothes are made to last for a long time, so we can help protect the environment, ”says Morten Underbjerg about the new brand.

“We love style and fashion, but our vision is to minimize the imprint we make on our environment. We do this, among other things, by utilizing all our by-products and by continuously introducing new styles rather than having seasonal products, ”he adds.

The collaboration that Le Pirol is part of must first and foremost have a fair, sustainable and ethical approach to production. Precisely for this reason, local production is important, Morten Underbjerg explains:
Morten Underbjerg Le Pirol
“We know that good communication and close cooperation with our partners results in better products and longer durability. Close relationships result in fewer errors and less overproduction, and at the same time it is a unique opportunity to work with solutions that reduce or completely avoid waste. ”

“Our wool is GOTS-certified, 100% organic, recyclable, biodegradable and produced with care for animal welfare. We are not perfect, but we do our best to make a difference, ”says the designer.

Le Pirol also stands out by embracing ‘direct-to-consumer’, which is not yet a widespread business model among Danish brands. The entire collection is sold in the brand's online store.

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