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about Le Pirol

Le Pirol is a Danish brand, created by the Danish designer Morten Underbjerg.

Le Pirol was founded in 2018, based on a desire to create sustainable, long-lasting and timeless designs that were to be created in a few simple styles and not in entire collections.

And from the beginning, every single design had to be made of organic wool or cotton and be MADE IN DENMARK / produced in Denmark.

The first sustainable Le Pirol knits in organic Merino wool, which came into the world in 2018, initially consisted of just two styles: Wex Sailor for men and Paiters Brush for women - both produced in yellow, as a tribute to the beautiful and rare bird Pirol that has given the brand its name.

Both were from the beginning made in a timeless Danish design in organic Merino wool and MADE IN DENMARK. Today, Le Pirol's range consists of several timeless and long-lasting designs, from the sailor knit and the sailor stripes to dresses, hats, scarves and plaids, but no whole collections are still created in Le Pirol.

Just a few sustainable designs, all of which are made of either organic wool or cotton and MADE IN DENMARK / produced in Denmark.

Wex Sailor and Paiters Brush, are today still part of Le Pirol's range and even among the best sellers.

The latest styles in the range are hats, scarves and plaids for the home, are also made of organic wool and MADE IN DENMARK.
The name Le Pirol embraces a Nordic tradition of a modern sustainable lifestyle, which is characterized by both the use of the organic materials that create long-lasting and timeless design.

But also by the fact that the production of Le Pirol styles takes place exclusively in Denmark and that Le Pirol embraces the concept "directly to the consumer", which is not yet a widespread business model for Danish brands. webshop.

The man behind Le Pirol

The Danish designer Morten Underbjerg, who is behind the brand Le Pirol, is originally from Aalborg and graduated from both the Danish design school Teko and the prestigious Royal College of Art in London in 2010.

Subsequently, he has designed for several of Europe's fashion houses and created sumptuous Haute Couture dresses, for several celebrities.

But after years of experience in the fashion industry and the world of haute couture, Morten made a big decision and replaced the big fashion houses with sustainable, long-lasting and timeless design that was also to be produced in Denmark.

And the basis for decision, was overshadowed by one thing: Overuse of resources.

When a collection is created, a lot of collection samples are also produced, which for one reason or another must not see the light of day.
And to create the dress that fits perfectly on the model, you may need to sew 10-12 versions of this dress. It turns into an incredible amount of waste and overconsumption of drugs.

Realizing that the amount of waste Morten had no interest in being a part of, became Morten Underbjerg's turning point and at the same time the beginning of Le Pirol.

Therefore, Morten made a decision that things should now be approached very differently and with a clear conscience.

A decision that turned into a fashion story about sustainable knitting of organic wool and cotton, in long-lasting and timeless design - MADE IN DENMARK.

Morten Underbjerg - Le Pirol