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ORGANIC WOOL - gots certified

The Merino Wool we use is 100% Organic, recyclable and biodegradable, so it is a perfect choice for you who are seeking a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. Our merino wool is manufactured under a strict Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), which means no harsh chemicals such as chlorine bleach or formaldehyde are used during the manufacturing process.

We use organic wool because we care very deeply for the welfare of the animals. This means no muesling of the animals and lots of free space and they are only fed organically. Mulesing is when sheep, without any painkillers whatsoever, have chunks of skin carved away from the animals' backsides.

GOTS requires the use of certified organic fibres and proof of origin.

GOTS use no harsh chemicals that harm the eco-system.

GOTS uses only bio-degradable chemicals in all processes.

GOTS have target goals and procedures to minimise waste and use of water.

GOTS ensures a fair wage over the minimum wage and the freedom to organize.

GOTS must have an independent on-site inspection

GOTS is the worlds leading standard for organic fibres.

We use GOTS certified fibres because 52% of the carbon footprint of a textile fibre happens in the process before the wool is turned into a yarn.

By using GOTS certified wool, the effects are.

46% less CO2 emissions.

70% less water consumption.

26% less use of energy.
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