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Wex Sailor Zip Cardigan - Burnt Orange

Wex Sailor Zip Cardigan - Burnt Orange

1.350,00 kr

100% Organic Extra Fine Merino Wool - Organic Certified

Heritage knit zip cardigan in soft Organic Merino Wool. Classic Fishermans knit technique dating all the way back to the 1930´s. Our updated version comes in a regular fit with a 2 way zip closure and long sleeves.

- Fit is regular.

- Our model is 187cm and wears a size L.

- Zip is produced in Italy

- See sizechart in last image.

Extra info - The areas with plain knit we have knitted in a way that gives extra long durability and holds the shape very well.

Made in Denmark - Knitted and sewn in Isenvad near Herning, DK


History about the Sailor Knit

The sailor's attire, has changed in a significant matter, during the past few centuries, regardless if we are talking about the sailor with relations to the Navy or the sailor who went at sea to fish.

And especially the local fisherman, with his characteristic sailor-sweater/sailor's or fisherman's knit has in recent decades and even the last century, changed his attire and the characteristic sailor-sweater/sailor's or fisherman's knit, had made it’s way into the Danish fashion scene.

The sailor-sweater, was originally created to withstand winds and weather at sea and has over time, worn by both the sailor with realtions to the navy and the fisherman, who went at sea to fish.

The first editions of the sailor-sweater appeared around the year 1600 and originate from the Aran-sweater, with roots in the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean, where it can be traced back to England, Scotland and Iceland, based on craftsmanship and tradition of patterns.

The characteristic sailor-sweater/sailor's or fisherman's knit, is characterized by it’s special knitting technique, craftsmanship and tradition of patterns, which was made to make the sailor sweater more resistant to the sea's often relentless wind and weather.

And from the beginning, the sweater was created exclusively from fine wool, which in several ways also brought the sustainable part into play, from the beginning.

From the wool of the sheep to the fact, that the sweater was knitted by hand, frem the very beginning.

Since then, the sailor sweater/knit has been created in several versions, where each pattern has it’s own meaning, associated with origins and traditions.

The classic sailor sweater, characterized by the knitted knobs or bubbles, placed across the chest, back and often sleeves, is created by a classic sailor knitting technique that originated in Scotland in the 1890s, where in it’s time, protected the local fishermen from the harsh cold and water at sea.

In the 1920s, this sailor sweater appeared in Denmark, first among local fishermen and later the more fashion, outdoor life and quality-conscious admires, have devoted themselves to the sailor sweater. From the 1970’s until today.

To this day, the sailor sweater, is still associated with the sailor with relations to the navy and / or the strong and hardworking fisherman who should be able to stay dry and warm while fishing.

But also with sustainability, organic wool and cotton, Danish design and clothing MADE IN DENMARK, that withstands weather and wind and season after season.